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About the Owner

Bob is the owner of Broadview Realty and the leader of The Bob Cenk Group, a real estate services team based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

He was a high-altitude mountain guide, having led more than one hundred climbing/mountaineering trips to the summits of mountains throughout the world.

The former owner of Mountain Dreams International - an outdoor clothing and equipment retailer, international guiding business and climbing wall business - Bob has significant experience as an entrepreneur and small business owner.

He is a nationally-known speaker and real estate coach, sharing the stage with the industry’s best talent and coaching real estate agents, teams and brokers throughout the country.

About This Site

Are you an Action Taker? Action = Success

  • Every successful agent I know is an action taker.
  • They’re professionals and students of the business…
  • Always learning and improving…
  • They make quick decisions when they have opportunity in front of them.
  • And pick and choose from the training, programs and information that’s made available to them…
  • To customize THEIR business to suit THEMSELVES exactly.
  • Those are the kind of agents who do really, really well with my programs.

Check out what these successful action-takers had to say about the training they received from Bob Cenk Coaching!

Learn, Then Take Action

  • Only YOU know if you’re hitting your income goals.
  • IF YOU WANT the next year in your business to be a whole lot different than the last year, and take your business to a whole other level…
  • You have to change what actions you are taking.
  • Open your mind to new ideas.
  • Learn, and then take action.

Paced Training Avoids Overwhelm

  • My "Real Help for Real Estate Agents" course lays it all out for you…
  • The moment you sign up, you'll get access to some of my best "foundational training," including:

Video Training, Customizable Downloads, and More!

You'll  get access to all the best of Bob's systems, sales tools, and processes! Here's a sample:

Getting Started...

Month 1, Lesson 1

5 C's to help you organize and discipline your time

Organize and prioritize the 5 tasks that produce new listings and buyer relationships

  • Learn effective time management skills with a focus on Contacts, Content, Calls, Contracts, and Cards
  • Implement systems to grow your business and create more personal time

Month 1, Lesson 2

Climbing to the Summit (which overviews my most effective consumer programs and sales tools)

  • Dozens of sales tools and techniques that can be easily learned and implemented in just "60 days to the Summit of Real Estate"
  • The very same 4-hour introduction to Bob's coaching that launches every live training event
  • See how all the pieces of Bob's innovative training fit together to produce scalable, repeatable systems for building your business
  • Enjoy a 20% increase in qualified leads and a 35% increase in listings with the 1-Day Listing Agreement


The Power of Thank You - the simplest and most effective Lead Generation techniques I practice

  • Learn a simple, inexpensive way to stay in touch that won't suck your marketing dollars
  • Generate referrals and develop cooperative co-broke relationships


Building Rapport with Clients to focus your efforts in the right place -- on the client!

  • Apply the do's and don'ts of negotiations for maximum client satisfaction
  • Learn the fine art of Objection Handling and lead your clients to successful transactions
  • With each lesson, you'll get all the training and downloads you need for success…
  • And every download is fully customizable, saving you hundreds of hours versus creating them yourselves.
  • In Month 2, we'll dive head first into my Knockout Listing Presentation, and I'll teach you how to win every listing you choose!
  • Then, each month thereafter you'll get access to at least 2 new lessons to sink your teeth into…

You'll Have Constant Support

  • And every Friday at 1:00 Eastern, you'll be welcome to participate in my Office Hours call…
  • Where we work together, put our heads together, and I make myself 100% available to you to answer any and all questions you could possibly have.
  • I’ll help you tackle some of your toughest challenges, and eliminate any feelings you might have of being overwhelmed.
  • I set it up this way because I found that when I just hand people a ton of training, the wrong thing happens…
  • We get overwhelmed, stuck, not sure where to start or finish
  • I’ve been guilty of this, too…
  • I’ve got several courses on my bookshelf that are just collecting dust.
  • And I don’t want that to happen to you…
  • The great thing is, since everything is online for you, you can learn at your own pace and refresh your training at any point in time

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  • And I'll be here to help you every step of the way so you don't get overwhelmed!

There's nothing more gratifying to me than seeing somebody make their dreams into reality through the help of one of my programs!

  • Sign up today, and I'll be the first to wish you Good Luck, and Good Climbing!


And we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee…

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